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Hello fellow bloggers/blog lovers,

I wonder…is Lush, lush?…

I have had way too many lush baths recently and I have discovered many new bath bombs, bubble bars, shower creams, toners etc…etc…

For my birthday I had a party at Lush (I say party; it was me and my friend) and I was taught what pretty much each thing in the store was and does. In the party we made giant comforters, bath cocktails and tried out the different types of face products.

First of all if you are wondering what a bath cocktail is, it has nothing to do with alcohol! It is when you mix a bunch of different lush products in the bath e.g candy mountain bubble bar and luxury lush pud bath bomb.

One of my favourite bath Bombs is Intergalactic, it is a ball of space goodness covered in sparkle. It smells minty and fresh- personally I love this type of scent as I am not keen on the sweeter scents because they often give me headaches. It is bright blue and has pink, green and yellow streaks through it. Your bath will end up turning a dark blue filled with sparkles. The bath bomb also has popping candy so watch out for the pops! BE WARNED THIS BATH BOMB PRODUCES A LOT OF SPARKLE!

Lush Intergalactic
Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb
This is what Intergalactic looks like in the bath!

Another fave is the comforter bubble bar, as I said earlier I did get to make the comforter at my party. It is a purple and white swirl and all you need to do is break it in half and crumble about one quarter under the running tap (you don’t have to do that much I just like my baths really bubbly). Your bath will turn a beautiful pink colour and smell like Ribena (Blackcurrant drink).

IMG_7038 (2)

My next favourite is the Bubblegum lip scrub, this is a bright pink scrub for your lips all you need to do is rub it all over your lips and then rub your lips together. Leave it on for about a minute or so and then wipe it off warm water. After that apply a lip balm/tint and you are ready to go! Lip scrubs help remove dry/dead skin and make your lips soft and non-chapped. This lip scrub smells of candy floss and tastes delicious hence it being a sugar scrub and not a salt one.

IMG_7035 (2)

My penultimate favourite is the Refresher shower jelly, this is probably the most fun lush thing I own (aside from fun). It is like a literal jelly and all you have to do is rub it all over your body or tear a bit off and do the same (either way is fine). I also have the Santa’s belly version of this but it is a christmas special so by the time you read this it probably wont be in the shop anymore. This shower jelly smells very citrusy and zingy and surprise surprise it smells just like a refresher.

IMG_7036 (2)

My last favourite is the Eau Roma Water toner. If you are unfamiliar with a toner it is basically something that you do after your cleanser and it gets off any last bits of cleanser and dirt left on your face. Sometimes I do it before my cleanser to see how much dirt I really have on my face (Not including make-up). All you have to do is spray it on your face (1-3 sprays usually) and then grab some of those cotton pads and wipe it off. After that just apply your moisturiser as usual. These toners are made from lavender oil (if you hate lavender don’t worry because it doesn’t smell like it) and it soothes the skin. The one I have is very fresh and has a gentle yet lovely scent of roses. These are my two favourite aspects in this toner.

IMG_7034 (2)

Many of the things I have mentioned come in different sizes, I have only got the small versions because to me there is enough in them. And after all, I am only small!

What are your favourite Lush products? Has this encouraged you to try some new ones out?

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx