November Faves…


Hello fellow bloggers/Blog readers,

I wonder… what did I love in November?…

It’s time for my November favourites, I’ve never done a blog post about the things I have been loving each month and I think its about time I jumped on that train and joined in. I hope you can be inspired to think about the things you have been loving in this chilly November.

To start off I would love to say a word or two about Benefit’s Porefessional. This might be a bit TMI but I have very open pores that can easily be clogged and this pore filler really helps keep my pores clean and empty. This primer lets my foundation glide smoothly over my skin with no lumps or bumps.I tap this onto my ‘problem areas’ before I apply my second primer and foundation. I would really recommend this if you have easily clogged pores.


My next favourite is the ‘Zoella Lifestyle On My Travels bag’. Now I am not just saying this because I am a crazy fan but because the bag is genuinely what I have been looking for, for quite a while now. Anyway, the bag comes with a gorgeous travel mug, a keyring and some adorable pencils. I use this bag for shopping, travelling and anything under the sun. In my opinion it is like Mary Poppins’ bag as there is never-ending space inside! It is a great bag for anyone who needs to carry a lot of things with them.


Last month I also loved my MAC lipstick in the shade ‘cosmo’, which I believe is an amplified creme (the texture). As described in the formula it is very creamy and moisturising. It is a pretty nude shade with hints of pink running through it. this has been my go to lipstick throughout November as it goes with pretty much anything.

My next favourite is my new laptop, I won’t say too much but I did get my dream present for my 14th birthday. I was very luck to have received a macbook air, this is not only amazing for me but it also means there will many more blog posts than before, so happy reading!

Another thing I have been loving is Benefit’s Roller Lash (I know another Benefit product…). I have very short, stubby and practically non- existent eyelashes that never hold a curl. I find that this mascara lifts my lashes beautifully and holds the curl all day, as well as this it really lengthens them and when I say really, I mean REALLY. (The picture is of the sample size version – I got it in a birthday pressie with a bunch of of other things.)


My final favourite isn’t actually a physical thing, I have just been loving writing! It is something i have really loved doing and for me is quite therapeutic as I can indulge myself in what I love and get lost in a story or piece of descriptive writing. I know that english and writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but, even if it’s no through writing, you should spend some time to do what you love.


What have you been loving? I would love to know! Tell me in the comments…

Never Stop Wondering…

Amelia Xx

P.S I hope you have a lovely December and have fun opening your advent calendars, I’ll be sure to review mine after christmas! There won’t be many christmassy pictures on my blog until around the 14th as I am moving house! I’ll try my best though! Xx

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Why I love Makeup…

Why amelia loves makeup, makeup, the power of make up.

Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers,

I wonder…why is make up such a big part of my life…

I personally adore make up and have a lot of fun playing around with it and trying out new looks.

I usually don’t have much luck when shopping for clothes and I feel like nothing fits me , looks right, or emphasises the right places. I often feel like most shops tailor clothes to fit slimmer people because that is the ‘normal size’ and what everybody should look like. But let’s be real, is everyone slim or curvy? No, there not. I would love for some shops to tailor clothes for other shaped people, without having to go to the ‘curvy section’, ‘petite section’ or any other specific section. Also as I am small I wear children’s clothes, and in the ‘Kids’ section everything is made for slimmer people because it is apparently not necessary to consider other body shapes as a child.

Anyway rant aside, I love makeup because I can express my self through it as if it was clothing. There are so many opportunities with makeup- and you’ll never grow out of it.
Some of my personal faves are:
• Bare Minerals Foundation
• Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
• Real Techniques brushes
• Tanya Burr Eyeshadow and Lipgloss
• MUA Eyeshadow Palettes

Make up is great because, like clothing, you can splurge and get so much pleasure out of it but also go the more affordable route and be happy with your savings.
I was having a personal debate with myself on a long car journey and thought ‘Could makeup be considered clothing?’ and then I thought ‘Yes, it does the same things as clothing but just for your face.’

Let me know your opinions on that, I’d love to know what you think.
Makeup is such a big part of my life because I can wear it knowing it will ‘fit’ me.

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xxx

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