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Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers,

I wonder…how good are real techniques brushes?…

Okay guys, so for Christmas I was kindly given some real techniques brushes from “Santa”, I felt very lucky and VERY excited to try them out as I know that many different youtubers rave about these expensive brushes.

The brushes I had received were:

  • Retractable kabuki brush,
  • Essential foundation brush,
  • Multi task brush,
  • Domed shadow brush.

The last three brushes that I mentioned all came in the travel essentials set which came with a case that I now use to store my eyeliner. Currently I have only used these brushes twice but I am already in love.

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As I do not own or want any foundation at this point I tend to use the foundation brush for blending in concealer, however I do also have some miracle complexion sponges that I use when I want my make up to be higher coverage. This brush blends the concealer in beautifully and doesn’t leave any obvious foundation lines. The bristles are soft but firm making it the perfect brush for applying a base to your make up.

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The kabuki brush is very clever in terms of how easy it is to just grab and stick in your bag without worrying about getting make up everywhere. All you need to do is pull the metallic pink circle that is a round the brush head and then attach the lid and push down so that the metallic circle slots back into place- you must do this to ensure that all the bristles are contained in the lid and none are sticking out.


I use the kabuki brush mainly for powder but on the packet that is came in, it said that you can use for pretty much anything apart from eyeshadow.

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I like to use the domed shadow brush to do the majority of my eye make up but I think this will change because I have ordered the eye starter kit which comes with many different brushes. For now this is excellent, sometimes as it is a little bit big for my eye shape I sometimes accidentally get my eye shadow to reach my eyebrow. But aside from that this brush is amazing at applying make up and I would definitely recommend it. Lastly I use the multi task brush for blusher and bronzer as the shape of it fits perfectly to where I want my blusher and bronzer to go.

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As I said earlier I do also own 2 miracle complexion sponges and these are great for higher coverage as they pat the make up onto your face and it doesn’t move around giving the effect of a stronger concealer or foundation. They are very soft and with the unique shape they can be used in many different ways.

This is my honest opinion of these brushes and I think that they are definitely worth the splurge although if you live in Britain like me then I do have a sneaky way to get your brushes cheaper.

I really want to buy this set of brushes…the eye starter kit but it is £20.99 and I do not have that kind of money.

Let’s try that again…

I really want to buy this set of brushes…the eye starter kit and it is £12.11 and that is totally affordable and I still have money left over!

Here is how to get your brushes cheaper…

The best way is to buy online!

Instead of going onto a drugstore website make sure you go onto the Real Techniques OFFICIAL website. You might be thinking, hang on a minute usually things are more expensive from the official website. But not in this case, you will notice that the website is in dollars so all you have to do is click the ‘currency conversion’ button and change it to British pounds (as I said this will only work for people living in the UK or somewhere where the currency conversion is less in your country) now because the currency conversion is less in the UK the item would be cheaper. (£1 = $1.49)

So, I paid £12.11 for an eye make up starter kit. In the UK in a general drugstore I would have paid around £20.99. UK stores are making us pay the same amount as the US are but in pounds meaning that we are paying the wrong price. I think UK drugstore should half the amount we are spending or the US drugstores should double it.

Anyway back to the review, I would totally recommend these brushes as the bristles are soft and gentle, the bristle also move in the correct way and they are excellently shaped. I would like to say well done to Sam and Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo on YouTube) for creating great brushes that are very high standard.

So in conclusion these brushes are definitely as good as people say they are!

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx