Hello fellow bloggers/ blog readers,

I wonder…What is my blog all about?…

I am Amelia and I’m 14. I have gone through life ups and downs and I absolutely love writing as it comes quite naturally to me (It’s in my genes – thanks Mum!). A thought crossed my mind because I had been reading other people’s blogs, like Zoella’s for example, and they had me thinking about what type of blog I would want to write: Internet information– meh, food- nah, mothering and babysitting- nope definitely not, life, fashion and beauty- now hang on a minute that’s something I could do. So I went for a blog where I talk about life, fashion and of course beauty.

But there is a bit more to my blog, I have a bit of a growing challenge, and to show that no-one is perfect I am going to share this with you. I want to give inspiration for different make up looks and outfits. I also love art, photography and reviewing things, so you will definitely be seeing some reviews floating around on this blog every once and a while.

So what about the name I chose?

Ameliasworldofwonders is my ‘official name’ if you will but as you may have already noticed, i like to call my blog Amelia May. I simply call my blog this because it is my name. I have my domain name different because I still want that element of living on my own little me planet to be there, without the name making my blog look too childish.

I hope you stick with me through my own life journey and I’d love to hear about yours!

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx