new brushmarker review

Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers,

I wonder…what is a Brushmarker?…

A Brushmarker is a pen (well done Amelia…) with a brush tip (really…) the ones I have are made by a brand called Winsor and Newton (they used to be Letraset but they were rebranded). Unfortunately they aren’t the cheapest markers, but fear not Amelia is here to save the day! I like to get mine from a store called Cass Art, not only can you get them in the UK but also for a great price.

The markers are alcohol based meaning that you can layer them without tearing up the paper like water based markers would. The pigmentation (colour quality) of the ink is spectacular, with just one coat of ink you can create a solid base with no white peeping through.

The markers are dual ended, one end being a brush nib the other being a chisel nib. Personally I prefer the brush end as it is way more fun and you can create a good variation of line weight. The barrel is nice and firm and has a sticker covering it with the colour name and colour number. E.G Maroon M544. The caps are shaped differently on both sides, the brush end having a pointy cap, and the chisel having a round, flat cap. This helps because you will quickly learn which end is for what. On the flat end there is a sticker with the colour number and it says brush underneath so that you know it is a Brushmarker. On the pointy side there is a tip sticking out to help stop your pens from rolling away.

Untitled design (2)

There is another variation of this pen and that is the Promarker, it started off just being the Promarker and then later extended to Brushmarker too. I own a few Promarkers in the colours that aren’t available in the Brusmarker. Promarkers come in 148 colours and Brushmarkers come in 72. I own 31 coloured pens including Promarkers and I own one Brushmarker blender pen. Both types of marker also come in sets if you want to buy in bulk.

I have always wanted Copic markers (I have 5 pens and 1 liner) but they are very expensive and It is difficult afford them, however these markers are an amazing alternative, the only downside is that you can’t refill them.

I have been colouring Johanna Basford’s ‘Secret garden’ colouring book artist’s edition (you can pull out the pages and frame them). I would colour in her normal books but the colour seeps through onto the other side of the page whereas the pages in the Artist’s Edition are thicker and not double sided.

colouring with brushmarkers

I hope you go and try out some of these markers as they are fantastic! I certainly will be buying some more in the future when I’ve saved up!

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx