Birchbox Review...

Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers,

I wonder…What is birchbox?…

A while ago now I ordered a Birchbox as I had seen adverts for it and I generally wanted to try it out. Birchbox is a subscription to a Beauty box in which you receive 5 High end beauty products. The box is only £10 a month, the products you receive are sample size but they will still last you a good amount of time. The first box I bought was the February ‘Shine bright like a diamond’ box.

This is the box with all your goodies inside!
This is what you will first see in your box.
Here are the products that you have received.

Lumiere d’hiver super comb prep & protect
The first item I saw was the ‘Lumiere d’hiver super comb prep & protect’ it is a hair care product that is supposed to strengthen and de-tangle hair. I have to say that this works miracles on my hair because it is long and very thick. It often gets in knots and I get split ends easily. I spray this miracle-maker on my hair when it has slightly air-dried and then I brush it through my hair to make sure it reaches every strand. After this I use a hairdryer to dry my hair and then sometimes go in with my straighteners. (I know using heat isn’t great for your hair but when my hair is straightened it is soooooooo much easier to manage.) After I have done my last few steps my hair is super soft and tangle free. This also smells of sherbets so you will have the best hair all round! This might not be useful to everyone but I am sure that any of my thick hair buddies out there would really appreciate this!


Pommade Divine, Nature’s Remedy Balm
The next thing I found was the ‘Pommade Divine, Nature’s Remedy Balm’ this is a Very amazing remedy balm that helps with chapped lips, spots, dry patches, cuts, bruises- you name it, it will do pretty much anything to help your skin out. I have been using it on my pesky stubborn spots to get rid of them and it has worked a charm. I put it on after I have done my night time skincare routine and then I go to sleep and when I wake up I can really see a difference. I didn’t really want to use it for chapped lips as I think it is a little bit sticky, but I have seen loads of people on the reviews using it for their lips. Anyone out there like me who has to have an injection every night, then I think you would find this useful for clearing up bruises. Or if your looking for something cheaper to get rid of bruises try arnicare cream, it clears bruises like there is no tomorrow.


Only fingers + toes nail varnish
The third product I saw in my box was a bright red nail varnish by ‘only fingers + toes’(full size). This was your typical polish, it applied in two coats and then chipped moderately as you would expect with a normal nail varnish. Whatever you do with this nail varnish or any for that matter is accidentally knock while in weird yoga positions trying to paint your toenails. I stupidly knocked mine over and then turned around to a pool of red varnish- great!


Spectrum make-up brush
The fourth thing I received was a ‘Spectrum’ make-up brush (full size). First of all I would like you all to appreciate the amazing colours of this brush. I think this brush would be great for applying powder in you T- Zone and highlighter on the tops of your cheeks.The size is great and this is probably a great feature in an Instagram photo…who knows?


LOC one and done shadow stick in the shade Perfect Scents
The fifth item I discovered was the ‘LOC one and done shadow stick’ in the shade ‘Perfect Scents’ (full size). There was an option of which colour you would like and I went for ‘Perfect Scents’ which is a gorgeous goldy-coppery shade. I haven’t yet tried this out but I have seen many good reviews of it and they all say that is blends and stays well however the colour is quite subtle. I can’t wait to try it out though!


Grab & go pony hairband
The last thing I received was a ‘beauty bonus’ and it was the ‘Grab & go pony’ hairband. I was a little bit disappointed to have only received one but I did steal my mum’s as she received the box a birthday present. The one in my box was brown and a medium thickness (whereas my mum’s was silver and quite thick which I actually prefer). This is the best hairband I have ever had, it holds my hair up all day and does not tug or pull on my hair. As I have already mentioned I have thick, heavy hair so it is amazing when my hair can last all day in a hairband. I have noticed that some elastic has started popping out of my brown band so I hope it doesn’t break!


I will definitely keep purchasing Birchbox and I have been very impressed with what I have received. I am very excited for my next box as I know there are a guaranteed two full sized make-up items! Here is a link to where you can get £5 to spend in the birchbox store if you subscribe, you only get the £5 if you click on this link though.

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx