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I wonder…How on earth do I get organised?…

As you may already know from previous blog posts, I am moving house! Now one of the most annoying things about moving house is the putting away and the organising. You have to decide what to put where, colour scheme and many other things but I have tips to help you organise (you don’t have to be moving house – these tips work at any time in any place). I hope I can help you keep things neat and tidy.

I know that sometimes organising and tidying can seem quite daunting but I have five (yes, five!) top tips to help you get around this tedious task. 

I do my terrible (not anymore after these tips) tidying on a regular basis, once or maybe twice a week, but there is no need for anyone to do it this often I just really hate my room when it is messy. I also enjoy tidying as it gives me time to reflect and think, I have a very creative mind and I like to daydream about things and tidying gives me the opportunity to do so. 

#1 Put something on in the background, if you’re like me then you will like to have something going on. I usually watch some YouTube videos that I have already seen before. I put on a long playlist so that I don’t have to keep going back to change the video. If you have a friend that you like to chat to then you can maybe skype/Facetime them (try not to have long deeeeeep meaningful chats but something casual) just to have someone there or you can tidy together. Music is another good thing to put on and you can dance and jig whilst you clean. Try not to put on something that you have to focus on or you will end up actually forgetting to do the cleaning!

#2 Make your bed and clear your floor. If you do this then you will have more space to put things whilst doing a proper sort out. This will also make your room look instantly cleaner if you only have a few minutes; you will have more space to move around in and you can sit on your bed (always a bonus).

#3 Set yourself goals and rewards. This will give you something to work towards, or if you’re like me then your reward will simply be having a tidy room. On the other hand if you are like my sister, Katie, you might have to work towards a massive bowl of chocolate.

#4 Start by putting away the simple things, like clothes, what I mean by this is, put away the things that you know exactly where they go and you can put them away neatly and easily. After this you can then figure out where to put your other things in which spaces amongst everything else.

#5 Start a journal to organise your week, I use my diary/ journal daily as it keeps me in check. I know what homework needs to get done and what presents
need to buy for birthdays etc… There are loads of different diaries out there, you can have a paper copy or an online calendar or both! This time of year especially is a great time to have a diary so that you can keep track of all those present!

I hope these help you become better at tidying and organising…

Good Luck!

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx

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