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November Faves…


Hello fellow bloggers/Blog readers,

I wonder… what did I love in November?…

It’s time for my November favourites, I’ve never done a blog post about the things I have been loving each month and I think its about time I jumped on that train and joined in. I hope you can be inspired to think about the things you have been loving in this chilly November.

To start off I would love to say a word or two about Benefit’s Porefessional. This might be a bit TMI but I have very open pores that can easily be clogged and this pore filler really helps keep my pores clean and empty. This primer lets my foundation glide smoothly over my skin with no lumps or bumps.I tap this onto my ‘problem areas’ before I apply my second primer and foundation. I would really recommend this if you have easily clogged pores.


My next favourite is the ‘Zoella Lifestyle On My Travels bag’. Now I am not just saying this because I am a crazy fan but because the bag is genuinely what I have been looking for, for quite a while now. Anyway, the bag comes with a gorgeous travel mug, a keyring and some adorable pencils. I use this bag for shopping, travelling and anything under the sun. In my opinion it is like Mary Poppins’ bag as there is never-ending space inside! It is a great bag for anyone who needs to carry a lot of things with them.


Last month I also loved my MAC lipstick in the shade ‘cosmo’, which I believe is an amplified creme (the texture). As described in the formula it is very creamy and moisturising. It is a pretty nude shade with hints of pink running through it. this has been my go to lipstick throughout November as it goes with pretty much anything.

My next favourite is my new laptop, I won’t say too much but I did get my dream present for my 14th birthday. I was very luck to have received a macbook air, this is not only amazing for me but it also means there will many more blog posts than before, so happy reading!

Another thing I have been loving is Benefit’s Roller Lash (I know another Benefit product…). I have very short, stubby and practically non- existent eyelashes that never hold a curl. I find that this mascara lifts my lashes beautifully and holds the curl all day, as well as this it really lengthens them and when I say really, I mean REALLY. (The picture is of the sample size version – I got it in a birthday pressie with a bunch of of other things.)


My final favourite isn’t actually a physical thing, I have just been loving writing! It is something i have really loved doing and for me is quite therapeutic as I can indulge myself in what I love and get lost in a story or piece of descriptive writing. I know that english and writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but, even if it’s no through writing, you should spend some time to do what you love.


What have you been loving? I would love to know! Tell me in the comments…

Never Stop Wondering…

Amelia Xx

P.S I hope you have a lovely December and have fun opening your advent calendars, I’ll be sure to review mine after christmas! There won’t be many christmassy pictures on my blog until around the 14th as I am moving house! I’ll try my best though! Xx

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Birchbox Review…

Birchbox Review...

Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers,

I wonder…What is birchbox?…

A while ago now I ordered a Birchbox as I had seen adverts for it and I generally wanted to try it out. Birchbox is a subscription to a Beauty box in which you receive 5 High end beauty products. The box is only £10 a month, the products you receive are sample size but they will still last you a good amount of time. The first box I bought was the February ‘Shine bright like a diamond’ box.

This is the box with all your goodies inside!
This is what you will first see in your box.
Here are the products that you have received.

Lumiere d’hiver super comb prep & protect
The first item I saw was the ‘Lumiere d’hiver super comb prep & protect’ it is a hair care product that is supposed to strengthen and de-tangle hair. I have to say that this works miracles on my hair because it is long and very thick. It often gets in knots and I get split ends easily. I spray this miracle-maker on my hair when it has slightly air-dried and then I brush it through my hair to make sure it reaches every strand. After this I use a hairdryer to dry my hair and then sometimes go in with my straighteners. (I know using heat isn’t great for your hair but when my hair is straightened it is soooooooo much easier to manage.) After I have done my last few steps my hair is super soft and tangle free. This also smells of sherbets so you will have the best hair all round! This might not be useful to everyone but I am sure that any of my thick hair buddies out there would really appreciate this!


Pommade Divine, Nature’s Remedy Balm
The next thing I found was the ‘Pommade Divine, Nature’s Remedy Balm’ this is a Very amazing remedy balm that helps with chapped lips, spots, dry patches, cuts, bruises- you name it, it will do pretty much anything to help your skin out. I have been using it on my pesky stubborn spots to get rid of them and it has worked a charm. I put it on after I have done my night time skincare routine and then I go to sleep and when I wake up I can really see a difference. I didn’t really want to use it for chapped lips as I think it is a little bit sticky, but I have seen loads of people on the reviews using it for their lips. Anyone out there like me who has to have an injection every night, then I think you would find this useful for clearing up bruises. Or if your looking for something cheaper to get rid of bruises try arnicare cream, it clears bruises like there is no tomorrow.


Only fingers + toes nail varnish
The third product I saw in my box was a bright red nail varnish by ‘only fingers + toes’(full size). This was your typical polish, it applied in two coats and then chipped moderately as you would expect with a normal nail varnish. Whatever you do with this nail varnish or any for that matter is accidentally knock while in weird yoga positions trying to paint your toenails. I stupidly knocked mine over and then turned around to a pool of red varnish- great!


Spectrum make-up brush
The fourth thing I received was a ‘Spectrum’ make-up brush (full size). First of all I would like you all to appreciate the amazing colours of this brush. I think this brush would be great for applying powder in you T- Zone and highlighter on the tops of your cheeks.The size is great and this is probably a great feature in an Instagram photo…who knows?


LOC one and done shadow stick in the shade Perfect Scents
The fifth item I discovered was the ‘LOC one and done shadow stick’ in the shade ‘Perfect Scents’ (full size). There was an option of which colour you would like and I went for ‘Perfect Scents’ which is a gorgeous goldy-coppery shade. I haven’t yet tried this out but I have seen many good reviews of it and they all say that is blends and stays well however the colour is quite subtle. I can’t wait to try it out though!


Grab & go pony hairband
The last thing I received was a ‘beauty bonus’ and it was the ‘Grab & go pony’ hairband. I was a little bit disappointed to have only received one but I did steal my mum’s as she received the box a birthday present. The one in my box was brown and a medium thickness (whereas my mum’s was silver and quite thick which I actually prefer). This is the best hairband I have ever had, it holds my hair up all day and does not tug or pull on my hair. As I have already mentioned I have thick, heavy hair so it is amazing when my hair can last all day in a hairband. I have noticed that some elastic has started popping out of my brown band so I hope it doesn’t break!


I will definitely keep purchasing Birchbox and I have been very impressed with what I have received. I am very excited for my next box as I know there are a guaranteed two full sized make-up items! Here is a link to where you can get £5 to spend in the birchbox store if you subscribe, you only get the £5 if you click on this link though.

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx

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Why I love Makeup…

Why amelia loves makeup, makeup, the power of make up.

Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers,

I wonder…why is make up such a big part of my life…

I personally adore make up and have a lot of fun playing around with it and trying out new looks.

I usually don’t have much luck when shopping for clothes and I feel like nothing fits me , looks right, or emphasises the right places. I often feel like most shops tailor clothes to fit slimmer people because that is the ‘normal size’ and what everybody should look like. But let’s be real, is everyone slim or curvy? No, there not. I would love for some shops to tailor clothes for other shaped people, without having to go to the ‘curvy section’, ‘petite section’ or any other specific section. Also as I am small I wear children’s clothes, and in the ‘Kids’ section everything is made for slimmer people because it is apparently not necessary to consider other body shapes as a child.

Anyway rant aside, I love makeup because I can express my self through it as if it was clothing. There are so many opportunities with makeup- and you’ll never grow out of it.
Some of my personal faves are:
• Bare Minerals Foundation
• Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
• Real Techniques brushes
• Tanya Burr Eyeshadow and Lipgloss
• MUA Eyeshadow Palettes

Make up is great because, like clothing, you can splurge and get so much pleasure out of it but also go the more affordable route and be happy with your savings.
I was having a personal debate with myself on a long car journey and thought ‘Could makeup be considered clothing?’ and then I thought ‘Yes, it does the same things as clothing but just for your face.’

Let me know your opinions on that, I’d love to know what you think.
Makeup is such a big part of my life because I can wear it knowing it will ‘fit’ me.

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xxx

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Lush is Lush…

Amelia O'Toole's Lush Stuff

Hello fellow bloggers/blog lovers,

I wonder…is Lush, lush?…

I have had way too many lush baths recently and I have discovered many new bath bombs, bubble bars, shower creams, toners etc…etc…

For my birthday I had a party at Lush (I say party; it was me and my friend) and I was taught what pretty much each thing in the store was and does. In the party we made giant comforters, bath cocktails and tried out the different types of face products.

First of all if you are wondering what a bath cocktail is, it has nothing to do with alcohol! It is when you mix a bunch of different lush products in the bath e.g candy mountain bubble bar and luxury lush pud bath bomb.

One of my favourite bath Bombs is Intergalactic, it is a ball of space goodness covered in sparkle. It smells minty and fresh- personally I love this type of scent as I am not keen on the sweeter scents because they often give me headaches. It is bright blue and has pink, green and yellow streaks through it. Your bath will end up turning a dark blue filled with sparkles. The bath bomb also has popping candy so watch out for the pops! BE WARNED THIS BATH BOMB PRODUCES A LOT OF SPARKLE!

Lush Intergalactic
Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb
This is what Intergalactic looks like in the bath!

Another fave is the comforter bubble bar, as I said earlier I did get to make the comforter at my party. It is a purple and white swirl and all you need to do is break it in half and crumble about one quarter under the running tap (you don’t have to do that much I just like my baths really bubbly). Your bath will turn a beautiful pink colour and smell like Ribena (Blackcurrant drink).

IMG_7038 (2)

My next favourite is the Bubblegum lip scrub, this is a bright pink scrub for your lips all you need to do is rub it all over your lips and then rub your lips together. Leave it on for about a minute or so and then wipe it off warm water. After that apply a lip balm/tint and you are ready to go! Lip scrubs help remove dry/dead skin and make your lips soft and non-chapped. This lip scrub smells of candy floss and tastes delicious hence it being a sugar scrub and not a salt one.

IMG_7035 (2)

My penultimate favourite is the Refresher shower jelly, this is probably the most fun lush thing I own (aside from fun). It is like a literal jelly and all you have to do is rub it all over your body or tear a bit off and do the same (either way is fine). I also have the Santa’s belly version of this but it is a christmas special so by the time you read this it probably wont be in the shop anymore. This shower jelly smells very citrusy and zingy and surprise surprise it smells just like a refresher.

IMG_7036 (2)

My last favourite is the Eau Roma Water toner. If you are unfamiliar with a toner it is basically something that you do after your cleanser and it gets off any last bits of cleanser and dirt left on your face. Sometimes I do it before my cleanser to see how much dirt I really have on my face (Not including make-up). All you have to do is spray it on your face (1-3 sprays usually) and then grab some of those cotton pads and wipe it off. After that just apply your moisturiser as usual. These toners are made from lavender oil (if you hate lavender don’t worry because it doesn’t smell like it) and it soothes the skin. The one I have is very fresh and has a gentle yet lovely scent of roses. These are my two favourite aspects in this toner.

IMG_7034 (2)

Many of the things I have mentioned come in different sizes, I have only got the small versions because to me there is enough in them. And after all, I am only small!

What are your favourite Lush products? Has this encouraged you to try some new ones out?

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx


Real Techniques Brush Review…

IMG_7009 (3)

Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers,

I wonder…how good are real techniques brushes?…

Okay guys, so for Christmas I was kindly given some real techniques brushes from “Santa”, I felt very lucky and VERY excited to try them out as I know that many different youtubers rave about these expensive brushes.

The brushes I had received were:

  • Retractable kabuki brush,
  • Essential foundation brush,
  • Multi task brush,
  • Domed shadow brush.

The last three brushes that I mentioned all came in the travel essentials set which came with a case that I now use to store my eyeliner. Currently I have only used these brushes twice but I am already in love.

IMG_7011 (2)

As I do not own or want any foundation at this point I tend to use the foundation brush for blending in concealer, however I do also have some miracle complexion sponges that I use when I want my make up to be higher coverage. This brush blends the concealer in beautifully and doesn’t leave any obvious foundation lines. The bristles are soft but firm making it the perfect brush for applying a base to your make up.

IMG_7014 (2)

The kabuki brush is very clever in terms of how easy it is to just grab and stick in your bag without worrying about getting make up everywhere. All you need to do is pull the metallic pink circle that is a round the brush head and then attach the lid and push down so that the metallic circle slots back into place- you must do this to ensure that all the bristles are contained in the lid and none are sticking out.


I use the kabuki brush mainly for powder but on the packet that is came in, it said that you can use for pretty much anything apart from eyeshadow.

IMG_7012 (2)

I like to use the domed shadow brush to do the majority of my eye make up but I think this will change because I have ordered the eye starter kit which comes with many different brushes. For now this is excellent, sometimes as it is a little bit big for my eye shape I sometimes accidentally get my eye shadow to reach my eyebrow. But aside from that this brush is amazing at applying make up and I would definitely recommend it. Lastly I use the multi task brush for blusher and bronzer as the shape of it fits perfectly to where I want my blusher and bronzer to go.

IMG_7019 (2)

As I said earlier I do also own 2 miracle complexion sponges and these are great for higher coverage as they pat the make up onto your face and it doesn’t move around giving the effect of a stronger concealer or foundation. They are very soft and with the unique shape they can be used in many different ways.

This is my honest opinion of these brushes and I think that they are definitely worth the splurge although if you live in Britain like me then I do have a sneaky way to get your brushes cheaper.

I really want to buy this set of brushes…the eye starter kit but it is £20.99 and I do not have that kind of money.

Let’s try that again…

I really want to buy this set of brushes…the eye starter kit and it is £12.11 and that is totally affordable and I still have money left over!

Here is how to get your brushes cheaper…

The best way is to buy online!

Instead of going onto a drugstore website make sure you go onto the Real Techniques OFFICIAL website. You might be thinking, hang on a minute usually things are more expensive from the official website. But not in this case, you will notice that the website is in dollars so all you have to do is click the ‘currency conversion’ button and change it to British pounds (as I said this will only work for people living in the UK or somewhere where the currency conversion is less in your country) now because the currency conversion is less in the UK the item would be cheaper. (£1 = $1.49)

So, I paid £12.11 for an eye make up starter kit. In the UK in a general drugstore I would have paid around £20.99. UK stores are making us pay the same amount as the US are but in pounds meaning that we are paying the wrong price. I think UK drugstore should half the amount we are spending or the US drugstores should double it.

Anyway back to the review, I would totally recommend these brushes as the bristles are soft and gentle, the bristle also move in the correct way and they are excellently shaped. I would like to say well done to Sam and Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo on YouTube) for creating great brushes that are very high standard.

So in conclusion these brushes are definitely as good as people say they are!

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx


Rose Gold Crazes…

Amelia O'Toole, Rose Gold Crazes

Hello fellow bloggers/blog readers,

I wonder…why do I love rose gold things?…

As some of you may know I have a dangerous obsession with rose gold things, and so does my mum. So for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas one of us will hope for some kind of rose gold coloured item (they’re not really gold by the way, we’re not millionaires!). I did a little run around of our house and tried to see how many rose gold things we have collected, here are some of them…

  • Clock,
  • Storage,
  • Headphones,
  • Lids of various things,
  • Make up bag,
  • Ornaments,
  • Bag,
  • Buckles,
  • Bath fizzers,
  • T-shirts,

Layla Headphones, Rose gold headphones

I could go on but I don’t want to bore you, now this blog post wasn’t actually to go on about rose gold things it was actually to rave about certain items. The first being the headphones, I got these as my main birthday present from my parents and they are literally the best headphones ever, some people would argue that beats headphones are better but I love the FRENDS Layla headphones. I was very lucky to get these for my 13th birthday present. They have a high quality microphone so that you can record audio for YouTube videos, you can start and stop videos and music, you can also turn the volume up and down and they are super comfortable and don’t irritate your ears whilst wearing earrings. They also fold up and into a pouch so that they are protected when in your bag or travelling. They are made out of white leather and the rose gold is a beautiful addition to the white. I would recommend these and if you do buy them then take care of them because they are expensive and you want them to last you a long time.

Amelia O'Toole, Rose Gold Vanity Case, Zoella, Rose gold headphones, Rose gold

The next item I would like to write about is the Zoella Rose Gold Vanity Case, this is amazing as it fits all your make up you will need for travelling in really well and often still have more room depending on how much make up you are taking. Being only 13 I do not own as much make up as an adult, meaning that I can squeeze in my favourite make up and my skin care products into just one bag. The bag is waterproof so spillages are easy to clear up, and the design of the bag is excellent as the shape is great for fitting lots of products in. It has a handle so if you need to you can just carry it around but I mainly find it useful if I need to take the bag into another room. This bag is/was unfortunately limited edition for a Christmas special but you never know Zoella might bring it back out again.

Amelia O'Toole, Zoella, Rose gold, bath bombinis

The last thing I would recommend are the Zoella Bath Bombinis, the actual Bombinis are not actually rose gold but the packaging is. (I like to keep the packaging for cute and crafty DIYs as it is a great colour and you might not find the colour and material anywhere else). When you take the wrapper off you have a beautiful ball of Zoella goodness to put into your bath and watch it fizz away. The bath Bombinis do not give off any colour but when you get in you can really feel all of the oils working and when you get out you feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft and it is amazing. Again these were limited edition with the make up bag but the bath fizzers are just like them. They come in a little glass jar with a cute lid and once you have used them up you could use it to store something else- I personally think that sweets would look very cute in there. These smell amazing and the scent is the same as the original collection and that scent is very floral and cosy. I am rubbish at describing scents though so just go and sniff it for yourself to see whether you like it or not.

I hope you enjoyed my rambling about three fantastic rose gold things, why not see what you can spot in this delicious colour next time you are in the shops.

Also if you were wondering about the fairy lights I use in my pictures then they are from New Look and they are only £8.99 (I have linked the copper ones from New Look because I thought it was only fitting since this blog post was all about rose gold things)!

You can NEVER have enough rose gold stuff!

Never stop wondering…

Amelia Xx

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